Chapter 47

Published on 4 February 2023 at 08:08

"This time we learn about Joseph," Mama Otter began. "Joseph was one of Jacob's sons and he was loved by his father very much."


Papa Otter asked, "do you remember where we left off Olivia?"


Olivia notator head with enthusiasm, "Yes I do! Joseph's father Jacob, also called Israel,  came to Egypt with all of his direct descendants. Joseph was so happy to see his father again and he made sure that his father and all of his family were taken care of. He found a place for them to live in a region of Goshen, where they could settle down and be comfortable."


"That's right said," Mama Otter. "As time went on, Joseph's father Jacob grew older and he knew that he was going to die soon. So, he called Joseph to him and said, "Joseph, I want to be buried in the land of my fathers. Promise me that when I die, you will take me back to Canaan and bury me there."


Papa Otter continued, "Joseph promised his father that he would take care of him and that he would be buried in the land of his fathers. Jacob was very happy to hear this and knowing that his son would take care of him."


Lesson: Genesis 47 teaches us that we should love and take care of our family, especially our elders. Just like Joseph took care of his father, we should be willing to help and support our families decisions.