Chapter 45

Published on 3 February 2023 at 19:05

 Mama Otter said, "Is the exciting part where Joseph lets his brothers know who he is."


Papa Otter said, "He told them, 'I am Joseph, your brother, whom you sold into slavery in Egypt.' The brothers were shocked and afraid when they realized who Joseph was, but Joseph forgave them and told them not to be afraid."


Mama Otter continued, "Joseph told them that God had allowed them to come to Egypt so that they could be saved from the famine. He also told them to go back to Canaan and bring their father and their families to Egypt so that they could live there and be safe."


Olivia was curious, "What happened when they went back to Canaan to get their father?"


Papa Otter answered, "Joseph's brothers went back to Canaan and told their father, Israel, about Joseph and what he had said. Israel was overjoyed and decided to go to Egypt to see his son."


Mama Otter added, "Joseph was so excited to see his father again, and when he saw him coming in a cart, he ran to meet him. He hugged his father and cried tears of joy."


Olivia smiled and said, "That's such a beautiful story! I can see why Joseph never lost faith in God, even in difficult times."


Papa Otter said, "Yes, and it's a great reminder that God can use even the most difficult situations for good. It's also important to remember that we should forgive those who have wronged us, just as Joseph forgave his brothers."


Mama Otter added, "And it's a lesson in selflessness too. Joseph could have been angry and revengeful towards his brothers, but instead, he chose to put their needs and the needs of his family first. He showed them love and mercy."


Lesson: Genesis 45 teaches us the importance of forgiveness, selflessness, and always trusting in God's plan.