Chapter 43

Published on 3 February 2023 at 14:31

"We continue our story about Joseph's brothers making a second journey to Egypt to buy more food." said Mama Otter, "So, Joseph's brothers went back to Egypt to buy food because there was still a famine in the land. Joseph, who was now a very important person in Egypt, recognized them, but Even the second time they didn't recognize Joseph."


Mama Otter continued, "This time they brought Benjamin with them. When they returned to Egypt Joseph prepared a big feast for them. At the feast, he gave each of them their portion of food, but he gave Benjamin's portion five times bigger than anyone else's."


Olivia was wide-eyed. "Why did he give Benjamin more food?" she asked.


"Well, Joseph wanted to see if his brothers would be jealous of Benjamin and if they had really changed their ways," Mama Otter explained. "But, thankfully, his brothers were not jealous and were happy for Benjamin. This showed Joseph that his brothers had changed and were now trustworthy."


Papa Otter added. "So, the moral of the story is that it's never too late to change and become a better person. And also, it's important to be patient and not be too quick to judge others."


Papa and Mama Otter hug Olivia and we're proud of her for what she learned.


Lesson: Genesis chapter 43 teaches us we may make mistakes, but we can always learn from them and try to do better. We should never be too quick to judge others and we too can grow and become better people. Remember to always have the right attitude."