Chapter 38

Published on 3 February 2023 at 13:07

"For this adventure we're going to learn about another person in the Bible named Judah. He was one of Joseph's brothers who had sold him into slavery."


Mama Otter continued the story, "Judah had a son named Er and he married a woman named Tamar. But Er was wicked in the eyes of the Lord and God took his life. So, Judah told Tamar to marry his next son, Onan. But Onan was also wicked and God took his life too. Judah was afraid that his third son would also die, so he told Tamar to wait for him to grow up before she married him. But Judah never kept his promise, so Tamar disguised herself and slept with Judah, who didn't realize it was her."


Olivia was curious, "What happened next?"


Papa Otter explained, "Tamar became pregnant and Judah was angry, thinking she had been unfaithful. But when Tamar revealed the truth and showed Judah his own signet and cord, he realized she was right and he had wronged her. He recognized that the children she was carrying were his own and he praised God for His justice."


Mama Otter and Papa Otter hugged Olivia tightly. "Just like Judah, we need to recognize and admit when we have wronged others. And we can trust in God's justice, knowing that He will always do what is right."


Lesson: Genesis chapter 38, we learn about the importance of recognizing and admitting our mistakes, and trusting in God's justice. We can take comfort in knowing that God always does what is right, even when it may not be what we expect.