Chapter 35

Published on 3 February 2023 at 12:19

"Today I will teach you when Jacob and his family return to Bethel, a place where Jacob had encountered God years before," Mama Otter said.


Papa Otter continued, "God appeared to Jacob again and told him to build an altar and make offerings to Him. Jacob obeyed, and he and his family had a time of worship and sacrifice to God."


Mama Otter added, "While they were there, Jacob changed his name to Israel, which means 'he struggles with God.' This was a significant moment in Jacob's life, as he acknowledged his past struggles and acknowledged God as the source of his strength and provision."


Olivia asked, "What else happened in this chapter?"


Papa Otter replied, "In this chapter, we also see the birth of two of Jacob's sons, Benjamin and Ephraim, and the death of Rachel, Jacob's wives. This was a difficult time for Jacob and his family, but even in the midst of their sadness, they continued to worship and trust in God."


Mama Otter said, "This chapter teaches us about the importance of worship to God. It also shows us that even in the midst of sadness and loss, we can still find comfort and hope in God's presence and His love for us."


Olivia said, "Does it also teaches us about the significance of acknowledging our struggles and growth as we journey with God?"


Papa and Mama Otter hugged Olivia and said, "That's right, Olivia. This is a story of hope and renewal, reminding us that God is always with us, even in the darkest moments of our lives. When we worship and sacrifice to Him, we open ourselves up to His presence and experience His love and grace in new ways."


Lesson: Genesis chapter 35 teaches us about the power of worship and sacrifice, the significance of acknowledging our struggles and growth, and the comfort and hope we can find in God's presence. It's a story that reminds us to turn to God in all circumstances, to seek His presence and His love, and to trust in Him always.