Chapter 32

Published on 3 February 2023 at 11:51

"Now I will tell you about Jacob, who will be known as Israel," Mama Otter explained. "He was on his way back to his homeland after many years away, and he was very nervous about meeting his brother Esau again."


Papa Otter continued, "Jacob was worried that his brother would be angry with him for the way he had treated him in the past. So, Jacob decided to send gifts ahead of himself as a way to try and make peace with his brother."


Olivia listened intently as her parents explained how Jacob had prepared for his reunion with Esau. She learned about how Jacob divided his family and belongings into two groups, hoping that if one group was attacked, the other group could escape.


Mama Otter then told Olivia about the most exciting part of the story - Jacob's encounter with God. "In the middle of the night, Jacob was all alone and he had a dream," she said. "In his dream, he saw a ladder that reached up to heaven, and angels were going up and down it."


Papa Otter added, "God spoke to Jacob in the dream and told him that he would be with him wherever he went, and that he would protect him and provide for him. Jacob was so grateful for God's promise that he named the place where he had the dream 'Bethel,' which means 'house of God.'"


Mama and Papa Otter gave Olivia a big hug. They said, "Always remember that God is always with us, and will be with us wherever we go. We can trust him to protect us and provide for us, just like he did for Jacob."


Lesson: Genesis chapter 32 chapter teaches us to trust in God, even when we are afraid. God is always with us and will help us through difficult situations. We can have the confidence to face our fears because we know that God is always by our side. Just like Jacob, we can trust in God's plan for our lives and know that he will protect and guide us.