Chapter 3

Published on 31 January 2023 at 15:57

"This time we will explore something called the Fall," Mama Otter explained. "God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but Satan came and tempted Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil."


Papa Otter continued, "God had told them not to eat from that tree, but Eve was tempted and ate from it. She then gave some to Adam, and they both disobeyed God."


Mama Otter said, "As a result of their disobedience, they were forced to leave the Garden and face the consequences of their actions. This event is called the Fall, and it affected all of creation."


Olivia asked, "What does that mean for us today?"


Papa Otter replied, "It means that we, too, are affected by the Fall. We all face struggles and hardships because of the consequences of Adam and Eve's disobedience. But just like God had a plan for them, he also has a plan for us."


Mama Otter added, "That's why it's important to remember that God always has a plan for us, and he loves us no matter what. We can trust in his love and forgiveness, just like Adam and Eve did."


Olivia thought about the story for a moment and then said, "I'm glad God still loves us, even when we make mistakes. I will try to always remember that."


Papa and Mama Otter hugged Olivia and told her how proud he was of her for understanding the story and what it means.


Lesson: Genesis chapter 3 teaches us about the consequences of disobedience, but also about God's love and forgiveness. It's a story that reminds us to always trust in God's plan for us, no matter what.