Chapter 2

Published on 31 January 2023 at 15:39

"Olivia, today's story is about God creating Adam and Eve," Mama Otter said. "God created everything in the world, the sky, the land, the animals and the plants. And one day, God decided to create humans, special creatures that would live in his world."


Papa Otter picked up the story, "God created Adam, the first man, and breathed life into him. And then, God saw that Adam needed a companion, so he created Eve, the first woman. They lived in the Garden of Eden, where everything was perfect and they were happy."


Mama Otter smiled as she began to tell Olivia the next part of the story. "So, after God created Adam and Eve, they were so happy and grateful. They lived in the Garden of Eden and spent their days walking with God and talking to Him. It was a perfect place, with beautiful flowers and animals, and everything they needed to be happy and fulfilled. They lived a simple life, free from worry and stress. Every day, they would go for walks and enjoy the beauty of nature, feeling closer to God every step of the way."


Mama Otter continued, "They had a special relationship with God and were always listening to His guidance and wisdom. They were happy and at peace, knowing that they were loved by the creator of the universe. They lived a life filled with love and joy, and never once had to worry about anything. They were truly living in perfect harmony with the world and with each other."


"That sounds amazing, Mama Otter," Olivia said, wide-eyed with wonder.


Lesson: Genesis chapter 2 we learn that we are meant to have a companion and walk with God.