Chapter 3

Published on 9 February 2023 at 11:00

Mama Otter continued their story of of Moses. "One day, Moses was taking care of his sheep when he came across a strange sight," said Mama. "There was a bush that was burning, but it wasn't being consumed by the flames."


Olivia's eyes grew wide with wonder. "What happened next?"


Papa said, "God spoke to Moses at the burning bush, He told him that He had seen the suffering of the Israelites and He was going to bring them to a special place, a land filled with milk and honey."


"Milk and honey? What's that?" asked Olivia.


Mama otter answered, "Well, sweetie, milk and honey were symbols of a land that was rich and abundant. A place where there was plenty of food and good things to drink. And God promised Moses that He was going to lead the Israelites to this land of milk and honey."


"Wow," said Olivia. "That sounds like a wonderful place."


"It is, Olivia," said Mama. "And God's promise of the land of milk and honey shows that He cares for His people and provides for them. We can trust in His love and His provision for us, just like He did for the Israelites."


Papa, smiled. "God told Moses from the burning bush to go to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to set His people, the Israelites, free. Moses was afraid, but God promised to be with him every step of the way."


Olivia hugged her Mama and Papa Otter, they told her how proud they were of her. 


Lesson: Exodus chapter 3 teaches us God sometimes asks us to do things that might seem scary or hard, but if we trust in Him and listen to His voice, we will always do what is right. God is always with us to help and guide us.